• Tests and analyses the fiber characteristics of cotton in single instrument and Results are accurate to meet the international standards (USDA,ISTEK).
  • Measures important fibre properties like span length, strength, elongation, mic, maturity and colour.
  • Sample preparation for length & strength is semi automatic.


  • LENGTH AND STRENGTH MODULE:  Working based on optical and constant rate of elongation principle with ICC and HVI testing modes. Advanced patented mechanism incorporated in strength measuring.
  •  COLOUR AND MOISTURE MODULE: Color is measured by optical reflection principle and moisture with electrical resistance method.
  •  MIC AND MATURITY MODULE: Mic and Maturity is measured by “Statex patented double compression airflow method”. There are two more maturity mode to compare test results with AFIS and SHIRELY maturity values.
  •  TRASH MODULE (Optional): Trash parameters are measured by image process method.


  • In built “Auto calibration program “for length, strength, Mic and colour modules.
  •  Self diagnosing software to check all models fit in run performance.
  •  “Inbuilt maintenance schedule program” to guide the operator in time.
  •  “Auto reminder” will appear in the monitor in advance at the service due date.
  •  In built Bar code reader to improve the operator test detail entry and Number of test/ shift.
  •  Industrial grade computer and built with touch screen monitor for trouble free running performance at mill environment.
  • Elegant Granite table top for easy maintenance, with long life.
  • In built “Patented films calibration” to verify the auto calibration of standard cotton.
  •  In built “patented double compression method” to measure the actual maturity value of cotton.
  •  Inbuilt RH and temperature monitor provides R.H corrected test values of length and strength.


LENGTH:- 2.5%SL, 50% SL , UR, SFI (or)  UHML, ML, UI, Fibrograph and Force Elongation Curves.

STRENGTH:-Strength in (g/Tax), Elongation in %

MIC& MATURITY:- Mic in (Ug/Inch), Maturity Ratio, Percentage Of Maturity, Fineness in ( M. Tex)

COLOUR:-RD (Reflectance), +B (yellowness), Colour Grade (upland/pima)

MOISTURE:-Moisture content in %

OTHERS:-Fibre Quality Index (FQI), Spinning Consistency Index (SCI)

TRASH:-Trash Count, % Of Trash Area, Trash Grade/Leaf Grade/Trash Codea

S.no Description Veguam-2 Fully Automatic High Volume Instrument Compact High Volume Instrument Medium Volume Instrument
1 Combing Method Auto Combing Manual Combing Manual Combing
2 No of combs for sample testing 4 2 2
3 Comb Type Inbuilt Combs Individual Combs Individual Combs
4 Comb Cleaning Automatic  Manual  Manual 
5 Brushing Automatic  Automatic Manual
6 Barcode Reader for Test Detail Entry Available NIL NIL
7 Automatic Result Printing Option Available NIL NIL
8 Industrial Grade Computer Available Available PC
9 Length Module Available Available Available
10 Strength Module Available Available NIL
11 Micronaire & Maturity Module Available Available NIL
12 Colour & Moisture Module Available Available NIL
13  Trash Module Available Optional NIL
14 UV module Optional Optional NIL
15 HVI & ICC Both Mode Available Available Available
16 Auto Calibration option Available Available NIL
17 Moisture corrected Length&Strength Optional Optional NIL
18 Fibro Graph Available Available Available
19 Force Elongation Graph Available Available NIL
20 Calibration Checking For Length,Mic,Colour,Trash Available Available NIL
21 Single Module Testing Option Available Available N/A
22 Testing Speed (Length&Strength,Mic,Maturity, Moisture,colour,Trash-Each 1test) 30.81 sec 40 sec N/A