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Fabric Testing Instruments (Computerized Fabric Strength Tester)
This instrument is available in two models namely :
Fabric Tensile Strength Tester - 250
Fabric Tensile Strength Tester - 500
Common Features of both Model

Floor mounted, rugged steel body,auto self aligning jaws and double screw rod mechanism for accurate parallel movement and precise measurement of breaking load without any parallax errors. Instrument works in constant rate of elongation principle. Fully controlled by computer and window based software to obtain results in numerical and graphical form.

Fabric Tensile Strength Tester - 250
Auto Quick reurn of bottom jaw after testing, enables more number of tests per hour and is easy to operate.
  • Traverse speed is constant 300mm/min
  • Strip strength test and Tear strength test in 200mm gauge length
  • Testing range 0 to 500 lbs / 0 to 250 Kgs with 0.1% accuracy of full scale
  • Clamps for grab test at 75mm gauge length.
  • Special jaw for testing lea and single yarn strength with variable speed upto 1000mm/min along with necessary software.
  • Clamp for Lea Strength testing with 25% elongation
  • Variable Traverse Speed from 3mm/min to 1000 mm/min, at increment of 1mm\min.
Test Results
Fabric Tensile Strength Tester - 500
  • Instrument works on constant rate of Elongation
  • Variable Traverse speed from 3 mm/min to 1000mm/min, increment of 1mm/min
  • Easy to select the Testing speed of breaking time
  • Provision to select gauge length to suit different test methods
  • Testing range 0 to 1100 lbs / 0 to 500 Kgs with 0.1% accuracy of full scale
  • Instrument is fully controlled by microprocessor unit
  • Clamp for Single yarn strength testing
  • Clamp for Lea strength testing with 55% elongation
  • Clamp for Fabric strength testing
Fabric Tensile Strength Tester 250
Fabric Tensile Strength Tester 500
Positive clearers

"High quality and Superior cleaning" is the concept, which is used in the development of Top and Bottom clearers for speed frames.Unflagging research and development theme is applied to each and every spheres of quality,productivity,ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

  • Top Positive Clearers.
  • Bottom Positive Clearers.
Both the clearers will be supplied according to the customers speed frame.
Statex is the OEM suppliers to several leading speed frame manufacturers in the world.
Top Positive Clearers

Takes care of top roller cleaning continuously although the rotation is intermittent. A spring loaded mechanism is provided for weight balanced easy lifting and closing of top covers.

Top Positive Clearer
Bottom Positive Clearers

Bottom rollers fluted areas are covered by individual clearer cloth per spindle,driven by an eccentric cam of the top positive clearer.The working principle is similar to that of the Top positive clearer.

Bottom Positive Clearer
A specially designed tray which is very easy to open and close is provided on the bottom clearer to collect combed noils. A special Tension arrangement ensures fool-proof rotation of bottom clearers.
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