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Cotton Testing Instruments:

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Finemat - Maturity Tester
   High Volume Instruments
  Statex - HVI
Statex - HVI is the most advanced instrument for testing of fibre properties. It measures 2.5% and 50% span length, strength, elongation, micronaire, maturity ratio, percentage of maturity, Fineness, UV-Status and colour Rd;+b.It also provides uniformity ratio, Short fibre percentage, mean length, upper half mean length, uniformity index and fibrogram.
High Volume Instruments
Statex - HVI consists of automatic brushing unit, auto comb transport mechanism, Fibre length and strength measuring module and micronaire module.
The fibre length and strength is measured with the same fibre sample prepared by the comb. A self diagnosis software for immediate identification of mechanical and electronic faults.

Optional: Maturity and colour module.

Test Modules Principles
Length Optic
Strength Constant rate of extension
Micronaire & Maturity Double compression air flow
Colour Rd;+b Halogen Light Reflection
UV - Status UV - Light Reflection
Test Results
Finemat - Maturity Tester : - Fully automatic finemat facilitate to measure actual maturity value by double compression method (Patent Pending).A special software provides three maturity mode of tests to compare the maturity result with other instrument result. All the above Test Report contains maturity ratio, percentage of maturity, Fineness.

Shirley Mode : This results are highly comparable with Shirley maturity tester value.
Statex Mode : This result - Statex claiming as standard.
AFIS Mode : This results are highly comparable with USTER- AFIS instrument Maturity Value.
Test Report contains Maturity Ratio, Percentage of Maturity, Fineness.
Maturity Tester
Technical Paper
Colour : - Statex colour mode having two options to test colour of fibres.
They are
  • UV- Reflection - This mode measures the "UV- Status®of the fibre by UV Light reflection principle. The "UV-Status" highly correlated with colour absorption in fibre and variation in cloth.
  • Rd; +bvalue - This mode measures the Rd - Reflectance and +b yellowness of fibre by halogen light reflection principle.
UV Photo Finemat Colour
Technical Paper
   Medium Volume Instrument

Statex Medium volume instrument is the new system of fibre testing equivalent to HVI in testing accuracy, while comparing the testing speed it is equivalent in length and micronaire modules, the testing speed of the strength module is slightly lower but sufficient to medium volume requirement.
MVI is fully controlled by Computer.
It comprises of the following modules namely:

Medium Volume Instrument

  Colour and Maturity.
All the above models are also available as stand alone instruments as follows.

Statex Electrospan automatically measures fibre length characteristics of samples taken from bales, blowroom, cards, drawframes and combers. Optic principle is used to test fibre length characteristics like 2.5% and 50 % span length, and also provides uniformity ratio, short fibre percentage , mean length, upper half mean length, uniformity index and fibrogram.


Statex Electromic measures the cotton micronaire value.
Estimates the linear density of fibre in terms of micronaire value from 2.2 to 8.0 micronaire directly in computer.Fast,simple and easy with accurate test results.

  Optional :
  • Maturity model to measure maturity ratio and percentage of matured fibres


Constant rate of loading principle to measure the breaking strength of a flat bundle sample of fibres. Optical mass measurement makes the result quick and accurate. Electrostelo breaking strength is highly correlated with stelometer breaking strength.

  • Elongation at breaking load
  • Electrostelo
    Test Results
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