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Knitted Fabrics:

In the present day scenario, knitting technology is gaining a momentous pace and it covers both the spheres of outer and inner wears.

We manufacture circular knitted fabrics using 100% cotton carded knitting yarns.We can offer circular knitted fabrics with the following specifications:

  • Wide range of fabrics like single Jersey, Rib, Interlock, etc..
  • Grey Fabric,Spandex,Dyed fabric and Printed fabric
  • Fabric dia ranging from 14" to 32"
  • Customer specified GSM
  • Dyed yarns for knitting
Knitted Fabrics

Please send your required quantity along with the required quality parameter. We can satisfy all your needs.

We deliver what we promise and believe in long term business relationship and association.

Knitted yarns:

Statex mill manufactures 100% cotton carded knitting yarn in the count range of 24's - 40's.Latest technology of modern machines like Trutzschler blowroom and carding, Rieter drawing and spinning machines with Statex Lab Equipments enable in producing quality yarns consistently.

At Statex, the importance of Quality Management has always been stressed over the years to meet the market demands.

Statex is fully equipped with full range of testing instruments to test samples from cotton to yarn.Some quality instruments like HVI with Bale Management, Evenness Tester,Computerised Twist Tester and Count Balance, Trash Seperator, Yarn Tensile Strength Tester, Computer controlled quality department to stringently test and monitor the quality of the product in every step of yarn manufacturing.

Knitted Yarns

Timely service, supply and complaintless quality helps us to improve business and smooth relationship with our customers.

Please send your enquiries and orders for required quantity along with the quality parameters, so that Statex can satisy all your needs.

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