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Cotton Testing Instruments:

High Volume Instrument
Medium Volume Instrument
Low Volume Instruments
Finemat - Maturity Tester

   Low Volume Instruments

Fibre Bundle Strength Tester

This instrument can give an accurate indication of the force and elongation at break of a flat bundle sample of Fibers. Constant rate of loading principle. It is a simple tabletop instrument. Strength scale having capacity 2 to 7 kg and elongation 0 to 50% .

Fibre Bundle Strength Tester
  Fibre Fineness Tester
Fibre Fineness Tester

This instrument is designed to estimate the micronaire of cotton based on airflow principle. The measuring range is 2.2 to 8.0 micronaire. It is simple, rapid and reliable.

   Trash Separator
This Instrument is an improved model of existing conventional Trash Analyser. This Instrument separates cotton into four different fractions which are:
Trash Seperator
Salient features of the Instrument includes:-
  • Testing time is very less when compared with Trash Analyser
  • New improved suction motor for better separation
  • Silent in operation with less polluting nature
  • Provision for operator safety
  • Compact, table top and easy to operate
  • Individual spring loaded finger type feed plate for better opening
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