Technical Specifications:

  • Resettable analog counter measures the length of the material passed through the drum.
  •  Full width drum of bobbin lift unless better grip on roving for accurate stretch free preparation.
  •  Special rubber roller for smooth operation.
  •  Made up of rigid body for better stability.
  •  Specially processed surface with hard chrome plating on driver roller enables better grip and avoids slippage.
  • Electronic counter provided by optional.
  •  Drum circumference in English and metric series can be provided by optional.
  •  Models available: MY 14”,MY 18”

COMPARISON Particular Micro Controller Wrap
Mechanical Wrap Block
1 Display 7 Segment LED Display Scale
2 Auto Stop  Available Manual
3  Speed 15 – 150 RPM NIL
4 Length 1
– 200 (Yards/Meter)
5 Operating Method Automatic Hand Driven
6 Cutter Option Available Manual
7 Technology Micro
Controller PCB
8 Drum
Yards/Meter Yards/Meter