• Multiplied Yarn Twist Tester is used to measure the twist and elongation of industrial yarns.
  • From a single specimen it measures multiple plied yarn, double and single yarns twist and elongation.
  • This instrument works on the untwist and twist principle.


  • The heavy take up tensioner is designed to test industrial coarse count of multiple plied yarns.
  • Elegant design, sturdy sheet metal body, stainless steel jaws of durability and easy use.
  • Good material selection, high precision components for friction less pretension arrangement for accurate results.
  • RS 232 port for data transfer to computer.
  • Special software for transfer and store the results to computer.
  • Inbuilt mini printer can be provided optionally.
  • Five stages of twist and elongation measurement per sample.
  • No loss of data when power fails, previous six results stored in the non-volatile memory.


  • Individual test results in TPM or in TPI
  • Elongation %
  • Average
  • Standard deviation
  • CV%