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Technical Specification of - Statex Instruments
Contents No.of Pages File Size
(in Kbs)
Statex - Yarn Count Balance1119400
Statex - Trash Separator1107680
Statex Overhead Cleaner3133811
Products Catalogue15725191
Statex Electromic2144479
Statex Motorised Yarn Appearance Board Winder1117426
Statex Electronic Lea Tester - Microprocessor1115041
Statex Automatic Electronic Lea Strength Tester - Microprocessor1108402
Statex Electronic Twist Tester1108411
Statex Electronic Wrap Reel1190490
Statex Mechanical Lea Tester1168613
Statex Finemat (Fineness Cum Maturity Tester)4112684
Statex Automatic Lea Strength Tester - Computerised1207087
Statex Fibre Bundle strength Tester1198351
Statex Electro - Mechanical Wrap Reel1156347
Statex Medium Volume Instrument445562
Statex Tensostate Junior Yarn Tensile Strength Tester11178395
Statex Evenness Tester - 6008134462
Statex Tensostate Yarn Tensile Strength Tester11341036
Statex High Volume Instrument4472283
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