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Statex, a Coimbatore based company has been involved in the production of Fibre and yarn testing instruments since its inception in 1985. Mr. K. Subramaniam, who is a graduate in Engineering, is the Managing Director of Statex, with more than 8 years of dedicated service in a Textile Research Association, where he concentrated in textile testing instrument research and development. Enriched with his guidance and direction, today Statex has established its name through out the world.

Production Facility
Statistics that highlight the performance and growth of Statex ever since its inception:
  70% of the total instrumentation market shares in India
  91% of the total instrumentation market shares at EOUs in India
Research and Development Center

Statex mill with 11,000 spindles capacity, with latest technology machines of good combination, which has facilitated to use the R and D team for conducting field trials and endurance test within house.

Statex Mill Carding Department

Statex is built up of 230 highly qualified personnel comprising managerial, administrative and commercial staffs, qualified engineers, supervisory staffs, skilled workers and others.

Statex Mill Spinning Department

The unique design and quality of Statex is accepted worldwide. It has met the challenge of quality control in the present textile world with its instruments of unmatched performance.

Statex Mill Laboratory

Statex Products World Wide

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