Tensostate Single Yarn Strength Tester
  • Tensostate Is A Fully Automatic Instrument Which Makes Test Faster And Accurate For Measuring Yarn Tensile Properties.
  • Tensostate is designed for continuous testing and detect the slightest difference in yarn strength. Due to their ergonomic design, anyone can operate the instrument.
  • The fully automatic adjustable feature always assures consistency in the result and makes testing easier.
  • This instrument measures the tensile strength and elongation of staple fibre yarns.


  • Tensile strength of yarn measured by constant rate of elongation principle.
  • The distance extending the yarn before breakage is noted as elongation.
  • Maximum load capacity can be selectable for testing 2kg, 5kg, 10kg selections available (25,50kg as optional).
  • Limits for load and elongation can be settable.
  • The automatic changing of the yarn taken upto 10 bobbin (or) 10cops.
  • Force and elongation graph can be obtained for selected tests.
  • Selection of pretension weight for different counts will appear automatically in monitor.


  • Adjustable testing speed from 100 to 10,000mm/min in 1mm steps.
  • Adjustable testing length from 50 to 900mm in 1 mm steps.
  • Parallelogram mechanism for friction free load cell operation.
  • Pneumatically operated upper and lower laws.
  • Special pretension mechanism for yarn testing.
  • Maximum load capacity: 10kgs (25,50kgs as optional.)
  • Preprogrammed number of tests and cops are automatically controlled by software.
  • Tests can be done without operator influence.
  • Automatic removal of test specimen by built in suction system.
  • Built in online pressure sensor provision to auto cutoff the test, if supply pressure is below the set pressure value.
  • Automatic cop changing facility available
  • Industrial grade computer for trouble free operation and long life for mill environment.
  • Granite tabletop for easy maintenance and elegant appearance.


  • Load (GF)+
  • Tenacity (GF/TEX)
  • Time To  Break(SEC)
  • Elongation (%)
  • RH Corrected Load(GF)


  • Stroke diagram for single value of force and elongation.
  • Frequency distribution diagram of force at break.
  • Force and elongation curve per test.
  • Variation graph of force and elongation.



Tensostate –

Single Yarn Strength Tester

Tensostate –


1 Mounting Type Floor Table
2 Automatic  Testing with
in Bobbin
Available NIL
3 Testing Speed 100
– 10000 mm/min
100 – 5000 mm/min
4 testing Length 50 – 900 mm 50 – 500 mm
5 Load Range 2KG,5KG,10KG               (25,50kg Optional) 2KG,10KG
6 Automatic Bobbin
Available Manual
7 Collection Of
Tested Samples
Automatic Manual
8 Pretension Mechanism Available Available
9 Principle Constant
Rate of Elangation
Constant Rate of
10 Test Without Operator Influence Available NIL
11 Industrial Grade Computer Available Available
12 Force Elongation
Available Available
13 Calibration
Option For Individual Modes
Available Available
14 Parallogram
Available NIL
15 Driving Unit Chain Sprocket Ball Screw Rod