• Trash separator is used to analyze lint, heavy trash, light trash and micro dust from the raw cotton.
  • Trash separator works in “gravimetric and buoyancy “principle.
  • Variable speed in feed roller and licker cylinder.


  • Statex Supreme Trash Separator is the most versatile instrument for gravimetric measurement of trash content in cotton in variable speed.
  • Perfect separation of raw cotton in the form of lint, heavy trash, light trash and microdots.
  • Latest and highly reliable microcontroller based instrument with 16 character 4 line LCD display and feather touch keys for easy operation.
  • Independent drives with automatic speed controller for feed roller and licker cylinder.
  • Provision to select speed of both feed roller and licker manually for user defined cotton opening rate and trash content level.
  • Spring loaded finger type feed plate mechanism for better grip during opening.
  • Maintenance free independent suction system with 3 phase AC motor for long life and trouble free running.
  • Silent in operation and non polluting nature enables to keep the instrument inside the laboratory.
  • Safety limit switches in both doors provided, which ensures operator’s safety.
S.no Particular Auto Trash Separator Supreme  Trash Separator Trash Separator-600 Trash Separator-400
1 Principle Gravimetric & Bouyance Gravimetric & Bouyance Gravimetric & Bouyance Gravimetric & Bouyance
2 Controller HMI & PLC Micro Controller PCB Micro Controller PCB ELECTRICAL 
3 Display 7″ Touch screen 4 Line Lcd Display 2 Line Lcd Display N/A
4 Trash Calculated Report Available N/A N/A N/A
5 Safty Interlock Limit Switch Available Available Available Available
6 Feeder Speed 2.6 RPM 3.4 – 5.5 RPM 2.6 RPM 2.6 RPM
7 Lickerin Speed 1200 RPM 1250 – 1600 RPM 1200 RPM 1200 RPM
8 Suction System Independent Independent Independent Independent
9 Spring Loaded Finger Feed Plate Available Available Available Available
10 Inbuilt Balance for Trash Measurement Available N/A N/A N/A
11 Test Detail Entry  Available N/A N/A N/A
12 Motor Running Status Available Available Available NIL
13 Lint,Trash,Dust,Micro Dust collection tray Available Available Available Available
14 Lickerin Wire positive & Negative Angle Available Available Available Available
15 Emergency Stop Available NIL Available Available