• Famous Floor Mounted Computerized Automatic Lea Strength Tester For Testing Yarn Count, Lea Strength And C.S.P.
  • CSP machine consists of a lea strength tester and yarn count balance .It measures the lea strength and count then expressed the result as count strength product.
  • Lea strength measured in constant rate of elongation principle.


  • Possibility to operate both the instrument independently and simultaneously.
  • Double screw rod mechanism to drive the lower hook perpendicular to the load for accurate breaking load measurement.
  • Automatic engage and return of lower jaw.
  • Auto self aligned upper and lower  jaw for precise measurement
  • Testing  speed is 300mm/min
  • Testing range:0-500LBS
  • It’s made up of rigid body for better stability.
  •  Each screw rod contains double guide for accurate parallel and free movement.
  • Pressure sensor for reliable working of the instrument.


  • The user friendly “windows based software” has been provided or conducting majority of tests like

    1)      Wrapping tests in sliver, roving, yarns.

    2)      Noils testing at comber.

    3)      Roving stretch tests at simplex.

    4)      Auto leveler tests at draw frame.

  • Provision provided for designing the printout format as per users choice.
  • Majority of tests are supported with graphical representation in terms of histograms, line diagrams and stacked bar diagrams.
  •  In case of draw frame auto leveler tests, potentio meter reading can be given for easy tests and the same can be seen in graphical form for knowing its change in trend.
  •  Results shall be compared between groups.
  • Periodical reports such as weekly, monthly can be taken for each department, group of mechanism and for a separate machine for better analysis.


  • Numerical reports: Individual count, strength and CSP.
  • Statistical reports: Average, CV%, Minimum, Maximum,Range, Standard deviation and Q95%.
  • Periodic statistical reports: Periodical reports can betaken for all departments with user defined inputs.
  • Graphical reports: Variation graph for individual tests,periodical variation graphs for average and CV% with user defined inputs.




CSP System 666

CSP System 555

1 Machine Mounting Floor Table Top
2 Mechanism Double
Screw Rod
Single Screw Rod
3 Engageing Type Automatic Manual
4 Automatic Jaw Initial  Available Manual
5 Inbuilt Thermal
NIL Available
6 Lea Mode/CSP
Mode/Count Test option
Available Available
7 Air supply Required Not
8 Periodical
Report For Individual Departments
Available Available
9 Elongation at Break Optional NIL
10 Special Jaw for Fabric Testing Optional NIL
11 Lab Data
Available Available
12  Driving Motor 1 Phase 3 Phase
13 Driving Motor
Automatic Manual
14 Principle Constant
Rate of Elongation
Rate of Elongation
15 Testing Range 0-600 LBS 0-500 LBS