Kills 100% of viruses: Disinfecting with UV-C light is that it can be more effective than other methods of disinfection. A wide variety of harmful Virus/Bacteria can be killed by UV-C light with in 3Sec.

UV-C light disinfection is most beneficial due to its non-toxic nature and more friendly environment than other chemicals Disinfection .

Cost Effective: A UV-C disinfection method is most Economic affordable methods of sanitizing. Technology instead of chemicals makes some people believe that it is more expensive, but that isn’t true.

You can save time and money for years to come. As a result of the unique property of our UV-C Light, you will never have to worry about maintenance costs and the unit can operate autonomously when installed so there are no associated labour costs over time like with other methods.

Safe to Use : In Build safety systems that if pets / people movement, it will Switch off Automatically.

It can be helpful to your Organisation: You can protect your Guests/Students from Covid with UV-C light disinfection, save your staff time and effort, save you money, and provide your customers/Students with additional value.

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