Presenting UV – STERILIZER CABINET, Sanitization cabinet made of a box-shaped metal with UV-C (ultraviolet C) rays that kill 99.99%* of viruses as well as coronavirus, bacteria & fungi from the surface of all inanimate objects exposed to it for things like watches, wallets, shoes, mobile phones, keys, cash, masks, foods, fruits, vegetables, juices, ice cream, milk packets, groceries, packaged foods, etc. in just few minutes.
Statex UVC Sterilizer Cabinet is a table top model to disinfect the products exposed to it.
STATEX UV – STERILIZER CABINET kills 99.99% of pathogens in just few minutes by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA
Sankyo Denki UVC light 2 x 10W = 20W or equivalent.
Powder-coated stainless steel material.
UVC lamps based disinfection units have been designed for use in home, restaurants, hotels, retails and cafes, etc., with automatic shutoff lights.
Our Product is lightweight, portable, and offers a convenient way to sanitize, keeping you and your family safe.

360˚ Surface Sanitization

Kills 99.99%*

Auto-timer pre-set

Easy to Use and Portable

Easily cleanable

Secure & Reliable

In just few minutes it will sanitize all your inanimate objects including phones, vegetables, grocery items, bottles, remotes, toys, and much more.