Separate Twin Sensor To Measure The Yarn, Roving, Sliver’s Evenness, Imperfection And Hairiness Index

Separate Twin Sensor To Measure The Yarn, Roving, Sliver’s Evenness, Imperfection And Hairiness Index

  • Weetwo evenness tester is a computerized instrument for measuring simultaneously yarn and roving/sliver.
  • Two independent capacitive sensor for simultaneous testing.
  • Capacitive principle for mass variation and imperfection
  • Fault analysis software for easy identification of faults in the test material
  • Mass variation diagram for yarns and roving/ sliver both can be monitored simultaneously in the display at the time of testing.
Technical Specifications:
  • Weetwo evenness tester consists of two testing units and a controller CPU.
  • Two independent capacitance based sensors for measuring simultaneously yarns, roving/ sliver.
  • Separate module to measure yarn hairiness index by optical method.
  • User friendly software to operate both the testing units simultaneously and independently with numerical, graphical reports.
  • Tests the material from 0.007NEC to 150 NEC.
  • Test time can be selected from 1 to 20 minutes
  • Spectrogram analysis software for easy identification of defective machine parts.
  • Spectrogram and variance length (VL) curve can be obtained.

Special Features:

  • Two independent reliable capacitive sensors.
  • Hairiness index module can be attached optionally in this instrument.
  • Automatic cop changer helps to test 10 cops one by one at a time without operator’s influence(optional)
  • Analysis calculation and data storage of measured values can be done by the software.
  • Editor option for customizing reports.
  • Testing speed: 25,50,100,200,400, mtr/min (or) yard/min.
  • Number of slubs can be count in slub yarns
  • Industrial grade computer for reliable operation.
  • Granite table top for easy maintenance and elegant appearance.
  • Self diagnosis software for easy checking of the instrument working.

Report and Measured Parameters:

  • U%: U Normal , U half inert , U inert.
  • CV%: CVm , CV1m, CV3m , CV 50m, CV100m, CV half inert, CVinert.
  • Thin: -30% , -40%, -50%, -60%.
  • Thick: +35% , +50% , +70%, +100%.
  • Neps: +140%, +200%, +280%, +400%.
  • Imperfection
  • Relative count.
  • Index.
  • Hairiness.
  • Sh,sh(1m), sh(3m), sh(10m).
  • h (max,1m), h(min,1m).
Statistical Reports:
  • Average, median, standard deviation, CV%.
  • Minimum, maximum, range, 95% confidence limit and USP.
Graphical Report:
  • Mass diagram having normal and cut length.
  • VL curve, 3D-VL-curve.
  • Spectrogram, 3D- Spectrogram.
  • Histogram.
Periodical Reports:
  •  Count wise and machine wise reports as per selection.