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Yarn Testing Instruments we manufacture include:
Evenness Tester - 600 Yarn Tensile Strength Testers
CSP Systems Lea Strength Testers
Yarn Count Balance Computerized Twist Testers
Yarn Appearance Board Winders Wrap Reels
Wrap Blocks
  Wrap Blocks
It is used to prepare specimen length in multiples of 1 yard or 1 meter of sliver and roving. It is available in two types namely :

  Electronic Wrap Block - Variable control speed by microprocessor
  Mechanical Wrap Block - Hand operated

  Electronic Wrap Block

Electronic Wrap Block

Accurate electronic length measurement. The wide twin rollers with highly controlled speed variation avoids drafting and slippage thereby achieving the exact length measurement.

Nine different speeds for sliver and roving. Length and speed selection through key board with LED display.The measuring rollers start gently and smoothly and increase to normal speed under microprocessor control, before reaching the preselected measuring length,it slows down and approach the end of the measurement slowly and stops at accurate position.
It is available in two models :

Model EY - 18 EM - 18
Drum Circumference 0.5 yard 0.5 meter
Bobbin Size that can be accommodated up to 16" up to 16"
Measuring system English Metric
  Mechanical Wrap Block
Mechanical Wrap Block

Full width drum of bobbin lift ensures better grip on roving for accurate stretch free measurement.
It is simple and hand driven, provided with mechanical reset counter for accurate measurement of sliver and roving.
Special rubber rollers for smooth and noise free operation.

It is available in four models :

Model MY - 14 MY - 18 MM - 14 MM - 18
Maximum length of bobbin 14" 18" 14" 18"
Maximum lift of bobbins 12" 16" 12" 16"
Drum Circumference 1yard (English system) 1meter(Metric system)
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