• Self check option provided to check the instrument status and all channel sensitivity.
  • Testing length is selected in meters from 1 -1000 meters
  • Testing speed 50 meters/min
  • Special optical array sensor used for precision measurement.
  • Selectable hair length 1-30 mm in 1 mm intervals in reports.
  • Setting zero line is adjustable by micrometer with the help of web cam display in monitor.
  • Automatic tests ample collection system.
  • Instrument is controlled by computer and micro controller PCB’s.
  • Graphical pre sentation of test values available.
  • Statex hairiness index and S3 values provided in test result reports.


  • Number of fibers on selected lengths
  • S3 Value
  • Index
  • Average
  • Standard deviation
  • CV%
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Q95% value


  • Frequency distribution diagrams of individual readings