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Yarn Testing Instruments we manufacture include:
Evenness Tester - 600 Yarn Tensile Strength Testers
CSP Systems Lea Strength Testers
Yarn Count Balance Computerized Twist Testers
Yarn Appearance Board Winders Wrap Reels
Wrap Blocks
  Yarn Appearance Board Winder

This instrument is used for winding yarn evenly on black board for visual examination and grading the yarn as per ASTM standards with different number of wraps/inch for different count ranges.

It is available in two types namely: -
  Motorized Yarn Appearance Board Winder
  Hand Driven Yarn Appearance Board Winder
Common features
  • Provided with twin stepped pulleys to wind different number of wraps/inch according to counts
  • Same belt can suit for all combination of pulleys to wind different counts with different wraps
  Motorized Yarn Appearance Board Winder
  • Motorised to wind yarn uniformly at constant speed
  • Adjustable rotating tail jaw is provided to accommodate board length from 12" to 15.25" rectangular or tapered board
  • Auto stop provision on the completion of winding
  • Ratchet wheel mechanism for easy board mounting and belt shifting
  • Twin guide rod with bush bearing for jerk free movement and uniform winding
  • Separate yarn stand for cone or cop
  • Special grip pad is provided between jaws to hold the board firmly and to avoid damage of the board

Motorized yarn appearance board winder
  Hand Driven Yarn Appearance Board Winder
Hand Driven Yarn Appearance Board Winder

Hand driven and easy to operate. Economic with elegant look and perfect in design.

Three models are available to suit different board width and length.

Model No 11x 7 STD 11x7x12 TAP 11x7x15.25 TAP
Board size Rectangular/Tapered 11"x7" 11"x7"
11"x7" x12"
11"x7" x12"
11"x7" x15 ¼"
Yarn Stand Built-in Separate yarn stand provided Separate yarn stand provided
  • Various sizes of rectangular and tapered boards made of different material like laminate,synthetic and paper
  • ASTM yarn appearance standards
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