Statex Carry Mic

Statex Carry Mic

Statex Carry Mic is designed to measure the cotton fibre fineness in terms of micrograms per inch. Measurement of the micronaire is an evaluation of the air perme-ability of the cotton sample. Instrument is incorporated with micronaire testing unit, air com-pressor, precision air regulator, air tank, electronic weighing balance and printer. Highly reliable micro controller based instrument having 4 line LCD display with back light. Auto calibration facility and master plug provides the reliable results. Inbuilt printer for instant printout of results. Instruments is having computer interference and “ Statex user friendly software” for long term data storage and analysis.

Measuring range: 2 to 8 micrograms/inch.

Testing speed: 225 test/hour

Instrument is specially designed for cotton buyers to select cotton with suitable micronaire at the spot.

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