DNA extractor HT 500

DNA extractor HT 500

Bead based system to extract nucleic acids (DNA/RNA/ Protein) of highest yield and quality for both hazardous and non- hazardous samples.

Easy to automate DNA/RNA & Protein extraction protocols and their related purification steps efficiently.

Bench top and open system model, consumable U & V bottom suitable.

Manual positioning of 96 well plate for each 16 sample/station, each station fully automatic function as per protocol.

96 well plates secured properly by spring and locking mechanism at base of the instrument.

User friendly design for processing up to 8/16 samples in one run.

Purification & Extraction method employs one binding, up to 4 washing and one elution steps.

Efficiently process the sample volumes from 30µ to 1000μ and elution volumes of 30 - 100μ.

Machine enclosed with cabinet having 16W UV Light with user friendly smooth door.

Peltier Heating Cooling Module 10°c to 95°c

Station- One binding, 4 washing & one elution. Total- six station

Open and flexible system customer can use any reagent kit with user can Sex also customize the protocols as per their reagent supplier requirement Automatic system yield 97% purification of nucleic acid proteins and cells.

Protocol contains variable speed, time, number of cycles and temperature at each station.

Agitation speed selectable- 3speed.

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