DNA/RNA Extractor Ht-900

DNA/RNA Extractor Ht-900

Automatic Magnetic beads based system to extract nucleic acids (DNA/RNA/Protein) (DNA RNA Extractor) of highest yield and quality for hazardous samples like Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Blood, Plasma, Urine and Serum - Patent Pending. (Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System)

Technical Specifications:

Six Stage Purification and Extraction method employs one binding, 2-4 washing and one elution step with 96 sample automated magnetic-particle processing for DNA/RNA protein or cell purification from virtually any form.

Control Unit with 7" touch screen user friendly.

Machine enclosed with cabinet having 16W UV Light with user friendly smooth door opening and holds in desired position.

Thermal Heater from Ambient Temperature to 95°C.

Open and flexible system customer can use any reagent kit.

Fully Automatic system yield 97 % purification of nucleic acid proteins and cells.

Protocols are customizable and friendly use.

V/U bottom consumables are suitable.-Open Type

The system comes with five default speed like very slow, slow, medium, high and very high for extraction of nucleic acids which the user can select as per the requirement.

The user can also customize the protocols as per their requirement with suitable to consumables depth and height variable.

Control unit with 7" touch screen user interface.

Inbuilt internal memory to store up to 10 protocol

Protocol contains variable speed, time, number of cycles and temperature.

Agitations can be set with variable speed, stroke length and time.

Plate Type96 Deep Well Plate - "V Bottom"
Particle Size (Metric)ca. > 1μm
Collection Efficiency of Particles> 98%
Purification Accuracy100 copy sample positive rate > 95%
StabilityCV <3%
Processing Volume50 - 1000μl 96 Deep well plate
200 - 5000μl 24 Deep well plate
20 - 200μl 96 well plate
Elution30μl to 100μl



Incorporated with suitable heating units at the lysis and elution site to provide maximum nucleic acid extraction.
Prime heater ranging from 5°c to 95°c.


DNA extractor can be given to the testing lab on a rental basis and the testing lab on a rental basis and the testing lab should buy a testing kit only from the owner of the DNA extractor with pre-fixed years.
The owner can control the machine via pre-fixed SIM card and SMS A lessor can monitor the number of tests taken, socks of the reagent and to control the inventory of leased. Details are getting by simple SMS and auto reply from DNA extractor.

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