Medium Volume Instrument

Statex Medium Volume Instrument (MVI)

Statex Medium Volume Instrument is a innovatitve system to measure the fibre properties with semi automatic for fast measurement.

It consists of two modules for measuring fibre length and micronaire.

Provision to operate two modules simultaneously and individually.

Testing speed: Capable to conduct 120 tests per hour.

Statistical reports Average, CV%, maximum, minimum, standard deviation and range.

The latest micro computer technology facilitates accurate and faster measurement of all parameters.

Graphical report: Fibrogram.

Special calibration gauges are provided to check the calibration status of each module.

Results - Numerical reports

ICC mode: 50% span length, 2.5% span length, uniformity ratio, SFI and micronaire.

HVI mode Mean length, upper half mean length, uniformity index, SFI and micronaire.

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