Statex UV Disinfection Trolley

Statex UV Disinfection Trolley

Statex High Power UV Disinfection Trolley is foldable and movable type which contains built-in 150W UV-C lamp with remote control.

The arm has an adjustable angle of 0° - 180°, the whole trolley is movable with universal wheels and can be parked at a convenient place to be disinfected.

It has a wireless remote control with a selectable timer to operate the disinfection UV-C light from a safe distance.

Pre-fixed selectable timer 15mins, 30mins and 60mins for an automatic shutdown of UV-C lamp.

Easy to sterilize in the shopping mall lobby, commercial office, hotel, hospital room and any other places for the disinfection of air and surface of objects.

The most efficient and time saving method of disinfecting public spaces, devices to kill the pathogens including infection-causing viruses, bacteria and keeps the air borne hazardous diseases at bay while sanitizing the surface properly.

Statex UV Disinfection Trolley

Shape with ozone HU7 base.
InputVoltage230VAC /50Hz
WavelengthOzone 185nm,Non-ozone 253.7nm
Area of Infection Coverage at atime10-150m² -1600 Sq.Ft
Control ModeRFRemote
RemoteDistance1-10 meters
BeamAngle360° degree
LightArm adjustmentangle0° -180°
PowerCable Length3Mtrs
DelayOff15/30/60min selectable through remote.
Rated Frequencyoutputdepreciation atrated lifetime 80%
UV Output (25°C, 100hs, Baseup)400uW/cm²
AmbientTemperatureMax 60°C,Min -10°C
Base MaterialCeramic
Safety RequirementsDo protect your eyes and skin from directradiation.
ProductSize (in mm)220 x 230 x 1002

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