Statex- UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Statex- UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Statex UV- Sterlizer Cabinet is a tabletop model to disinfect the products exposed to it .

The UV C Lamps based disinfe.ior, urut can be used in Restaurants/Hotels/Retails/Cafes conveniently within I 5sccs.

It kills 99 99% Germs when used for the recommended time.

It can be used to disinfect a wide variety of products such as food, fruits & vegetables, juices, milk packet, packaged foods etc.

In the cabinet UV-C reflects light ensuring almost uniform disinfection over the objects, does not affect the quality of food or objects. Only disinfects the outer surface.

Auto cut off of the UV-C Lamps within 15 secs making it safe for human use.

Easy to use by keeping the food, juices etc. in the cabinet it can be quickly activated by pressing the red button.

Statex UV - Sterilizer Cabinet containing 2 no's 8w UV-C Lamp, Make: Sankyo Denki - Japan or Similar Make.

Superior Quality - designed for professional use, this sterilizer features 100% stainless steel material with powder coating.

The sterilizing chamber measurement.61cm x 50cm x 30cm (LxWxH)

Accessories to be arranged by the Customer:

Power supply - 230 V AC

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