Statex VTM Dispenser 501

Statex VTM Dispenser 501

"STATEX Semi-Automatic VTM dispenser" is to measure 3mL of liquid accurately and pump in to individual sterile conical screw capped tubes by pressing the leg pedal switch.

Two pumps working independently to fill 3mL of liquid in two sterile conical tubes by two operators.

Measuring (ml) accuracy +/- 0.10%.

Pump speed selectable in four speeds: 75,150,300 and 600 RPM.

Filling time less than 1 secs/tube/pump of 3mL VTM. Cap opening, liquid filling and cap retightening will be capable to do with in 4 secs.

1440 - 1500 tubes of 3mL VTM can be filled in 1 hour with 2 operators in normal course.

Special Cap provided for easy replacement of VTM Bottles.

Special tubes provided to suit as per medical requirements.

User friendly Pedal operation system.

Independent Pedals for 2 operators.

Auto clavable and Biodegradable pipeline.

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