Computerized Yarn Count Balance

Computerized Yarn Count Balance

Statex Yarn Count Balance is used to measure the count of yarn, hank of Sliver, Roving and GSM of fabric. This system consists of computer, Balance and Statex Lab data software. Can be interfaced with Statex Lea Strength Tester, which is used to measure the strength of lea specimen. Using Statex Lab data software it is possible to analyses majority of quality control tests in a textile mill such as :

Wrapping tests in sliver, roving and yarn.

Sliver A% testing in draw frame.

Within-bobbin and between-bobbin test in simplex spinning.

Noils % testing in comber in both headwise and overall noils %.

Stretch to for roving in simplex.

Special reports :

Wheel change history report.

Process capability report.

Correlation co-efficient report.

Critical difference between tests.

Wrapping wastage reports are also available.


Numerical reports

Individual count reports in all departments.

Statistical reports

Average, CV%, minimum, maximum, range, standard deviation and 959r confidence limit.

Graphical report

Variation graphs for individual tests. Periodical variation graphs for average and CV% with user defined inputs.

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