Yarn Testing Instruments

Eveness Tester’s

Statex Weetwo Evenness Tester measures the Yarn, Roving and sliver’s Evenness and Hairiness index.

Single Yarn Strength Tester's

The Tensostate is rugged enough for continuous use, yet sensitive enough to detect even the slightest differences in strength.

C.S.P Tester's

CSP combination of a precision lea strength tester and yarn count balance.

Twist Tester's

Accurate electronic measurement of TPI and TPM for S and Z twist Yarns.

Electronic Lea Strength Tester

Improved model of Mechanical lea strength tester fully controlled by a computer or microcontroller.

Hairiness Tester

To select optimize proper process sequence, the measurement of hairiness yarn is more important in each stage.

Mechanical Lea Strength Tester

Conventional Lea strength tester with high quality mechanical components to measure the lea strength.

Robotic Hank Analyser

Automatically capable to test any number of test.Test sample identification by watch dog camera.


Statex Yarn Count Balance is used to measure the count of Yarn, hank of Sliver, Roving and GSM of fabric.

Transit Hank Analyzer

One of the major causes for count CV% variation is due to variation of the hank CV% of carding, drawing, comber and simplex machine.